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Martínez Alesanco is a wine producer steeped in rich family history that goes so far back that in fact no one is quite sure just how long the family have been producing wine. They have been linked to working on vineyards in some way for hundreds of years though, so it is sure to say that they have the highest levels of experience and standards when it comes to growing and harvesting grapes. They were known to work with grapes in the red land in Badarán, centuries ago, as a way of getting the best possible fruits for their wine. The family have over time preserved vineyards that date back to before the phylloxera plague, a disease which in the late nineteenth century destroyed the majority of vineyards in Rioja.


The Martínez Alesanco family are producers of a wide range of wines that are special to the region the grapes are grown in, near San Millán de la Cogolla, in the heart of Rioja Alta. It has it's own unique soil and climate conditions there, which mean that their grapes can be grown in the Tempranillo, Garnacha, Viura and Maturana Tinta vineyards only. This makes their wines extraordinary.




Martínez Alesanco wines have received a number of prestigious awards over the years, notably; The Challenge International Du Vin Gold Medal Award 2013 (for the Reserva Martínez Alesanco 2008 Gold Medal Award Bordeaux France 2013), The Bacchus Gold Medal Award 2013 (for the Reserva Martínez Alesanco 2008 Gold medal given by Unión Española de Catadores, and also the Gran Reserva Martínez Alesanco 2005 Gold medal given by Unión Española de Catadores). Their wine was also given a Highly Recommended 4 stars by The Decanter World Wine Awards.




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