Spinnaker Red 2016 Ashton Kelder

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Country South Africa / Western Cape
Grape Wild guess : Pinotage based blend
Wine Type Still red
Vintage 2016
Alcohol 14%
Bottle Size 75cl

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the ever reliable Ashton Kelder Winery had been asked to produce a decent house wine for esteemed London wine merchants Jascot's, who then lost a pallet of it in a dark corner of their warehouse in NW10 for several years ? No, nor had we. But the answer, perhaps unsurprisingly, is not 42 but Spinnaker Red, quite possibly the ultimate barbeque wine, now so soft and juicy with all that bottle age that the only headaches it's likely to give will be from trying to stare at the label which, with one the 'N's in 'Spinnaker' turned backwards to look Cyrillic, is making us all dizzy  

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