Manos Y Tierra Blanc

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Perhaps the best way to describe this wine is that there is nothing, unless blandness is something that really repels, about which to complain. It's dry, it's fresh, there are actually some appealing notes on the nose and the palate, although slightly metallic at first, evolves into a light, inoffensive bottle that, had it been served at that little tapas restaurant the other side of Redhill over the summer, would have gone down a treat at £15.50 amongst cries of 'otra botella, Manuel'. Sadly for us, with the ban on pubs even doing delivered drinks this time around (yes, you, the Government, you really are a bunch of morons), the time has come to wave bye-bye to these last few bottles before they start tasting like the really, really cheap stuff in the supermarkets

Tasted January 2021

Country Spain 
Airen / Sauvignon
Wine Type Still white
Vintage 2018
Alcohol 11%
Bottle Size 75cl

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