Floarea Soarelui Special Reserve Feteasca Neagra 2016

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Country Romania /  Dealurile Munteniei
Grape Feteasca Neagra
Wine Type Still red
Vintage 2016
Alcohol 13%
Bottle Size 75cl

Opened mildly chilled, great legs in the glass, subdued nose but lots there if you look for it with menthol and black fruit both notable. Mouth is really fresh, light and works well cool. There's some light bodied ever-so-overdiluted-blackcurrant-drink beginning-with-R flavour and a tannin on the finish that hints at a liberal use of stalks in the winery, perhaps. There's no doubt as to its European credentials and the nearest comparison in our experience would be Gamay du Haut Poitou from the 1980s with a splash of extra residual sugar, and a lot more alcohol, which really doesn't show at all in this 13% wine. Overall, pleasant, easy drinking and majority crowd pleaser, from the always reliable producer in the area, Halewood Wines

Tasted January 2020

Re-tasted February 2021 and not a huge amount has changed. This is a decent wine with a bit of age but the name or label or both clearly aren't doing it so we're demoting it to cooking wine status and pricing accordingly. Grab it before the restaurants do (for cooking, obviously)

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