Fauno Blanco 2018 Murviedro

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So interchangeable are these cheap Spanish wines that we were tempted just to copy the bumph from the bottle before ( https://www.rfvintners.co.uk/products/manos-y-tierra-blanc as you [didn't] ask) but no, even we aren't that lazy. After all, this is 11.5% rather than 11 and it's mainly Viura instead of Airen, so it can't literally be the same wine. Plus, the label. is better, in our opinion But the result is the same : dry, and just a bit dull. However, if all you want is a cold glass (or 3) while you're cooking, and you know you're going to get something better when you finally sit down for your meal, then this (and / or the Manos, above) ordered online, really could save you a trip to a German discounter for your cheap booze (now that you can't go to Calais anymore, ha bloody ha !

Tasted January 2021

Country Spain / Valencia
Viura / Sauvignon
Wine Type Still white
Vintage 2018
Alcohol 11%
Bottle Size 75cl

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